British elections under «fire»: May and Corbyn turn the race into a derby…

By Panayiotis Alimisis

It seems that the elections on the 8th of June in Britain will turn into a shoulder to shoulder race between the current Prime Minister Teresa May and the leader of the left Jeremy Corbyn. Latest surveys suggest that a significant number of voters turn their back to the Tories and «flee back» to the Labour «camp».

The statistics provide a clear picture.  Just one month ago, May had a clear lead to Corbin reaching up to 20 (!) points. Four days to go before the final battle» the gap has been shrinking to 3 points…  According to «Yougov», May will get 313 seats in Westminster, 13 less compare to last elections. As for Corbyn, he might get 257… That’s no good news for the government simply because it needs a solid majority in the Parliament, in order to continue with success the Brexit talks with the EU.

Many voters, especially the younger generations, accuse the government and especially May herself for opportunistic strategy, without any serious plan for the after-brexit future. They believe that she spend too much time to attack personally Corbyn and his agenda and speak less about the recent talks with the European partners. Nearly 69% of the youth heading towards the Labour, however, is questionable whether all of them will find the way to the poll stations…

 At the same time, there is serious concern of how the Scottish leadership will react, if the day after the elections, the new prime minister might find difficult to form a government.  In Scotland, nationalists will gain more ground, if London dive into political instability. Therefore, the path to a new referendum in favor of them is very likely to take place. Also, the recent bloody terrorist attacks in London perhaps will influence –at least to some extend- the final decision of the voters. There is no indication that they will give points to the far right or fascist parties, but if the future governments continue to maintain a «politically correct speech» about terrorism and continue to disconnect it from the decades long policy of «state multiculturalism», things might get a dangerous turn…

Panayiotis Alimisis is a journalist. He studied Modern History and International Relations in London Metropolitan University

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