Greeks of London: Where will you see them?

The story of the Greek migration to London started back in 1670 when approximately 100 Greeks decided to escape the Ottoman rule and find a better future in the capital city of the United Kingdom. Back then, they built a small church and community, currently where Soho is to be found today. Whoever so saunters through the noisy streets of that community will most definitely run across Greek Street.

Of course, Greeks had been found in England way before 1960, but the most organized migration movement to that area was in the 17th century.

Soho had been extremely famous for Greeks trying to survive from the devastating Turkish rule for more than 250 years. Especially after the Destruction of Asia Minor in 1922, even more Greeks moved to England where most of them started food businesses such as small restaurants in the Camden area.

The British rule of Cyprus was also an important factor for the increase of  migration from Greece to the UK.

During the last year, the Greek population in London increased significantly, amounting to 180,000, 85% of which are Greek-Cypriots. Most of the Greek residents of the British capital live at Palmers Green in Northern London, between the Turnpike Lane and Woods Green subway stations. The Greek Orthodox Cathedral is to be found at the Trinity Road Wood Green.

The most wealthy Greeks of London have chosen other areas of residence, such as Chelsea, Bayswater, Kensington and Belgravia. The famous Saint Sofia church at Bayswater street has hosted many Greek weddings, including that of Prince Paula and Marie Chantal.

Two famous “bouzoukia” of London (that could not fail to be included in this report) are “Arizona” in Marylebone and “Elysee” near Fitzrovia, where Greek students have spent unforgettable nights.

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