12 countries everyone will be travelling to next year

Like polka dots, ’90s sunglasses and corduroy shorts – travel destinations can be ‘on trend’ as well.

This year, it seems everyone is jaunting off to Bali, Portugal or Chile – with infinity pools, turquoise seas and mountainous landscapes taking over our Instagram feeds.

Yet, a new report has already revealed what locales will be trendy this time next year.

In the World Economic Forum’s latest Travel and Tourism Competitiveness report, 136 countries were ranked on their ability to be a good tourist destination – and the report revealed which countries had made the biggest leap in desirability between the annual findings.

Below are the 12 countries you need to keep on your travel radar.

1. Albania

© Provided by Evening Standard Limited (Pixabay)Albania rose eight places on the latest report meaning it’s an exciting up-and-coming travel destination. While there make sure you check out the Albanian Riviera and wander through Gjirokastra, the ‘city of stone’.

2. Japan

© Provided by Evening Standard Limited (Unsplash)Japan has become much more affordable in recent years thanks to a drop in the costs of air ticket taxes and fuel – but be wary hotel prices have risen. The drop in flight prices has seen Japan’s tourist numbers grow, especially in spring when the Cherry Blossom’s bloom.

3. Gabon

© Provided by Evening Standard Limited (Shutterstock)A Central African nation to keep on your radar, Gabon has risen five spots since the last report, mainly due to environmental sustainability and price competitiveness. The Loango National Park is their main draw card where you can expect to see hippos, elephants and a number of gorilla sanctuaries.

4. India

India has long been a tourist favourite, but since the last report is has jumped 12 places with places like the Andaman Islands helping boost its popularity in the wellness vacations sector.

5. Peru

© Provided by Evening Standard Limited (Shutterstock)If your Instagram feed seems to be filled with your friends and acquaintances visiting Machu Picchu, you’re not alone. The South American country has risen seven spots since the last report and while there, make sure you check out their ‘rainbow mountains’ along with the Inca ruins.

6. South Korea

© Provided by Evening Standard Limited (Unsplash)The home of the Winter Olympics has seen South Korea jump 10 spots this year to become one of the five ‘most improved’ countries. A cultural hub, South Korea is also a nature-lovers dream with the countryside filled with rolling hills and cherry trees.

7. Tajikistan

© Provided by Evening Standard Limited (Pixabay)Having risen 12 spots since the last report, Tajikistan boasts the incredible Pamir National Park – a 6.5million acre nature reserve where you can spot snow leopards, Siberian Ibex and wild markhor goats.

8. Bhutan

© Provided by Evening Standard Limited (Pixabay)Ranked as the sixth most affordable country in the world for tourists to visit, Bhutan is a country famous for ranking themselves by GNH (Gross National Happiness), rather than GDP – so expect to encounter some joyful locals.

9. Algeria

© Provided by Evening Standard Limited (Pixabay)This North African country is one of the most affordable places to visit in the world, making it a cheap trip filled with many cultural and natural wonders.

10. Mexico

© Provided by Evening Standard Limited (Unsplash)Mexico has risen eight spots in the past year thanks to its stunning cultural and natural resources – but be sure to skip the crowded beaches of Cancun and Tulum and head to the Pacific Coast.

11. Vietnam

© Provided by Evening Standard Limited (Unsplash)Pho has become one of our most beloved dishes, up there with – dare I say it – curry. Vietnam has been a tourist hotspot for a few decades now but with cheaper airfares and even cheaper hotels, it’s a mainstay for British travellers.

12. Azerbaijan

© Provided by Evening Standard Limited (Shutterstock)Having jumped 13 spots since the last report, Azerbaijan is on the rise. Easing of visa restrictions has seen a large growth in tourism to the area over the past decade, visiting attractions like the Walled City of Baku and mud volcanoes.


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