Greek FM Kotzias: FYROM Must Agree to Erga Omnes Name

The name issue with the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia was discussed in the NATO meeting of Ministers of Foreign Affairs, with Greece insisting on a erga omnes name.

FYROM’s accession to NATO is dependent on Greece’s acceptance of the name, with Athens putting as a condition changes in the Balkan country’s constitution that contain irredentist claims.

After the meeting, Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias spoke about the conditions under which Skopje could become a member of the alliance.

“We made it clear that in order for FYROM to get an invitation to join NATO, the 2008 Bucharest decision, as well as the results of the current negotiation, must be implemented. It must be understood, that the other side must agree to an erga omnes name so we can proceed to an overall positive agreement,” Kotzias said.

Skopje, on the other hand, has proposed for “Macedonia” to be used in the interior of the country and a composite name for international use.


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