Greek FM: ‘New’, ‘North’, or ‘Upper Macedonia’ are the 3 Possible FYROM Names

Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias has said he expects the FYROM naming issue to be resolved soon with a new moniker being chosen from ‘New Macedonia’, ‘Upper Macedonia’, or ‘North Macedonia’.

Speaking on ERT television late on Monday night, Kotzias said that within a few days the two sides will overcome their disagreements and reach a solution to the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia’s nomenclature.

“There comes a time when you have to say the big ‘yes’ or the big ‘no’. Now that we are reaching the end, the FYROM government has realized the great difficulties and wanted to think again. My feeling is that within a few days we will overcome the problems,” the foreign minister said.

“A negotiation is not a 100-meter or a 100-kilometer race. It has ups and downs, but the foreign minister must have patience and soberness,” he added.

Kotzias pointed out that among the five names proposed by UN special mediator Matthew Nimetz, the Greek side had rejected Macedonia-Skopje and FYROM has rejected Vardar Macedonia.

The names that remain on the table are ‘New Makedonia’, ‘North Macedonia’ and ‘Upper Macedonia’.


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