Knight Rider’s KITT is up for sale!

The only known surviving original KITT car from the hit 1980s TV series Knight Rider has been put up for sale alongside a host of other cars from film and television.

Three third-generation Pontiac Firebirds were modified to portray the Knight Industries Two Thousand, a near indestructible car with an artificial intelligence that starred alongside David Hasselhoff between 1982 and ’86.

Two appeared on screen, one for transforming and one for driving, while the third acted as back up and eventually found itself in the Volo Auto Museum in Illinois, USA.

Now it is going on sale, and can be found in the For Sale section on AutoClassics.

The car is identical to the chassis that did the driving scenes, for its original purpose was to act as reserve for the those scenes, and is instantly recognisable thanks to its ‘Super Pursuit Mode’ body modifications, which assisted in catching villains in the original TV series.

There are also functional aero brakes on the rear of the car that fold out, a feature that has since become commonly associated with the Bugatti Veyron.

In the show KITT talked, with a pulsing red light on the car’s front indicating when this was occurring.

This is a practical feature that still exists on the car, sadly without an artificial intelligence and voice to go with it. Nevertheless, the advertisement for KITT says that ‘electronics can be added to further enhance the car’, meaning you can add your own super computer if you want to.

The car’s interior is as seen on screen, with the famous KITT dash and steering wheel. There are even back seats.

Volo will auction the car on September 19, and there is no reserve on what can be considered as one of the most iconic cars of the ’80s.


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