He said London Mayor Sadiq Khan was helping councils to build 10,000 council homes over the next four years. 

“But the truth is that councils desperately need far more help from the Government to help homeless families now and to build the council housing Londoners need,” Murray added.

“Crucially, ministers must stop ignoring the root causes of rising homelessness and commit honestly to tackling them.”

John Healey, shadow housing minister, said homelessness in the UK had doubled since the Conservatives came to power in 2010. 

“It’s no surprise that homelessness is rising rapidly when the Conservatives have slashed investment in new affordable homes, refused to help private renters and made huge cuts to housing benefit and homelessness services,” he said. 

Shelter’s figures were calculated using the most recent official Government statistics on homelessness, from January to March, which showed 129,745 children in temporary accommodation.

The most recent figures for Wales were from April to June and totalled 1,524 children. The figure was calculated by multiplying the number of families in temporary accommodation, by the average number of children per family in Wales. Welsh authorities do not count the number of homeless children, unlike England and Scotland.

Heather Wheeler, the minister for homelessness, said councils had a duty to provide temporary accommodation and £1.2bn was being spent on tackling the homelessness crisis.

She added: “No family should be left without a roof over their head, especially during the winter months, and we are working to ensure all children have a safe place to stay where they can thrive.” 

SOURCE: Huffingtonpost.co.uk