Porsche reveals 1,000,000th 911

Porsche has unveiled the 1,000,000th 911 at its Zuffenhausen plant, 54 years on from the creation of the original in 1963. The milestone 911 Carrera S was commissioned by the marque for display in Porsche Museum and has a number of special features.The Porsche Exclusive personalisation department designed the interior of the brand’s most profitable car to be reminiscent of that of the first 911, with pepita-patterned leather seats, silver surrounds on the circular dashboard and a mahogany steering wheel with the 1964 version of the marque’s logo.

A series of ‘1,000,000’ badges can be found throughout the car and the exterior is painted in ‘Irish Green’, as a homage to Ferry Porsche, eldest son of Ferdinand, who had a similar colour on his 911.

There have been upgrades in terms of performance as well. The engine has been fettled to produce 445bhp, reducing the 0-60mph time to 3.9 seconds and powering the car on to a top speed of 194mph.

Dr Wolfgang Porsche, chairman of the Porsche AG supervisory board, spoke at the plant about his memories from when the 911 was first being developed.

“54 years ago, I was able to take my first trips over the Grossglockner High Alpine Road with my father,” he said. “The feeling of being in a 911 is just as enjoyable now as it was then. That’s because the 911 has ensured that the core values of our brand are as visionary today as they were in the first Porsche 356/1 from 1948.”




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