Can Donald Trump Make America Less Fragile Again?

Some of the worst performers over the year, though, included Mexico, Turkey, Brazil, Japan, Belgium South Korea and the United States.

Despite President Donald Trump’s efforts to make America great again, an annual fragility index published Monday by the nonpartisan think tank Fund for Peace suggests the country has only got worse during his run for the White House.

The 2017 Fragile States Index paints the picture of a world in which emerging and less dominant economies have become increasingly stable as some of the globe’s largest international powerhouses – including the U.S. – have begun to crack.

The index, which ranks countries based on a combination of 12 primary factors, including security, economics, national unity, inequality, migration, human rights and open governance, showed broad improvement over the year in nations like Pakistan, Thailand, Panama, Georgia, Mali, Cameroon and Indonesia.

Finland again secured the top spot as the world’s least fragile society, while South Sudan, perhaps unsurprisingly given its current state of upheaval, was named the globe’s most fragile.

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