The UK’s most affordable cities where nearly all properties cost less than average

Kingston-upon-Hull house-hunters should be feeling pretty flush: it’s the most affordable city in the UK, with 92% of properties for sale having a below-average asking price.

Indeed, nearly half of the 662 properties currently for sale are up for less than £100,000 – and almost all are below the UK average of £217,502.

Meanwhile, Birkenhead, Kilmarnock and Middlesbrough are almost as cheap, with 90% of properties below the UK average.

“It will probably come as a surprise to many people that there are still major towns and cities where almost every property for sale is below the UK average house price,” says Alex Gosling, CEO of online estate agents, which carried out the research.

“Average salaries in these areas may still restrict people from buying a property but at least there’s a pool of properties that someone with a small deposit could afford.”

It will come as little surprise that London is the least affordable city in the UK, with only 4.2% of properties costing less than average.

But there are five other locations – Bath, Guildford, Crawley, Tunbridge Wells and Brighton – where under 10% are lower than the UK average.

“Bath and Brighton are classic examples. Both are extremely popular cities, particularly for Londoners wanting to move out and enjoy a better quality of life,” says Gosling.

“But prices have rocketed as a result and moved away from many buyers. Less than 10% of properties in these cities are below the average UK property price, and properties under £100k are almost extinct. First-time buyers, unless they have help from parents, are facing the prospect of holding off buying until well into their 30s, if at all.”


Most affordable cities: percentage of properties below average asking price
Hull: 91.9%
Birkenhead: 91.8%
Kilmarnock: 90.1%
Middlesbrough: 90.0%
Burnley: 89.0%
Grimsby: 88.5%
Bradford: 88.2%
Wigan: 87.9%
Neath: 87.0%
Blackpool: 87.0%
Stoke: 86.2%
Sunderland: 85.2%
Merthyr Tydfil: 84.4%
Darlington: 84.0%
Doncaster: 84.0%
Scunthorpe: 83.9%

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Least affordable cities: percentage of properties below average asking price
London: 4.2%
Bath: 6.8%
Guildford: 7.0%
Crawley: 8.8%
Tunbridge Wells: 9.0%
Brighton: 9.5%


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