Peugeot chief: No new performance cars ‘until we’re truly global’

Peugeot CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato is putting greater global success first and foremost in the firm’s near-term strategy, but won’t rule out expensive high-performance projects later on.

In an interview with Autocar, Imparato confirmed that the 308 Hybrid R project remained on ice, and also that no replacement for the RCZ coupé was currently planned.

“Right now our main goal is to grow to beyond two million units a year,” he told Autocar, “but also to spread our footprint and to sell more than 50% of our cars outside of Europe. Until we do that, I’m much more interested in cars that sell in hundreds of thousands than those that sell in smaller numbers.”


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Imparato will fly to China this week for the local launch of the 5008 SUV – but says the real key to cracking the firm’s global ambitions will be a return to Africa. “With a one-tonne pick-up truck I can tap into a huge global market,” he said. “We could either develop one within the group or with a partner, and our existing connections [The PSA Group that includes Peugeot and Citroën already makes commercial vehicles and city cars with Toyota] give us possibilities.”

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The RCZ went out of production in 2015

The RCZ went out of production in 2015Peugeot is also eyeing a return to North America in the next five years. At first this would be as a relatively small-scale mobility provider in the USA’s bigger cities, but in the longer term Imparato plans a full-scale retuen as a proper car brand, “once a solution to the distribution problem can be found.”

Next year will bring a new 508-sized saloon, which Imparato said would mark: “our return to heartland Peugeot territory, and the next car to drive us upmarket even further.” 

But later on, and as a more successful and profitable global brand, Peugeot could return to the idea of a sports car. “When we do it, we will do it properly,” Imparato said. “Not with another RCZ but with a car that can take the Nordschleife lap record.” 

He added: “I really like the commitment of makers like Porsche to cars like this – and with Peugeot Sport, I believe we have the team to make such a car. It would be expensive, but so what? We could do it.”


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