Exit poll: Theresa May could fall short of Commons majority

Theresa May could fall short of a Commons majority, the broadcasters’ exit poll suggests. The Conservatives are projected to win 314 seats, according to the exit poll by Ipsos MORI/GfK for Sky News, BBC and ITV News, numbers which suggest they will be 12 seats short of a majority.

Labour is set for an improved showing compared with 2015, with Jeremy Corbyn’s party predicted to win 266 seats, an increase of 34 on its performance two years ago.

The exit poll team says there is a “serious risk” Mrs May will lose her overall majority – although this is “far from certain”, given the exit poll has a margin of error of 20 seats.

A total of 326 seats are required for a Commons majority.

The Liberal Democrats, meanwhile, are predicted pick up a total of 14 seats, up six on 2015.

Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP is set for a downturn in fortunes, according to the exit poll, losing 22 seats to stand at 34.

UKIP is forecast not to win a single seat, an outcome that would raise serious questions about Paul Nuttall’s leadership of the party.

The exit poll team said the projected “sharp” decline in SNP support in Scotland means “it looks as though the only viable administration in the next parliament will be one that is provided by the Conservative party – though whether such an administration would last as long as five years is perhaps open to doubt.

They add: “Labour’s anticipated tally of 266 seats would, if realised, doubtless come as a substantial relief to a party that feared a drubbing when the election was called.

“However this could still mean that the party only has eight more seats than it won when it lost power in 2010, and would suggest that the party is still a long way away from securing power for itself.”

The exit poll is a survey of people leaving a polling station, asking how they voted. The data is then used to forecast the outcome. A total of 30,450 people were interviewed as they exited 144 polling stations across the UK.


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