Follow these 5 beauty lessons from Kate Middleton and you could look younger and fresher too

Let’s face it, Kate Middleton really is the epitome of health. With glossy, bouncy hair, wrinkle-free skin and perfect nails, it’s no wonder she’s become the nation’s beauty icon.

We can all but aspire to her level of glow, but the Duchess of Cambridge does apparently have a couple of tricks up her sleeve that help her look so great. By using the right products, investing in skincare and finding the right tones for your skin, we can all give ourselves a royal refresh too.

So, if you fancy looking as youthful as Kate, follow suit and give these five beauty tips a try…

Lesson one: Opt for natural nails

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If you look closely at Kate’s nails, they’re usually kept neatly manicured and with a slick of neutral polish. As hands are often the first place to show signs of ageing – mainly from all the sun exposure they’ve had over the years – it’s a clever idea to make them look more youthful with flattering shades of varnish that compliment your skin tone. Take a leaf out of Kate’s beauty book and go for a delicate look with a subtle rose shade or a French mani.

Lesson two: Use a washcloth

Kate’s go-to make-up artist, Arabella Preston, has been known to champion the washcloth. As it’s far more gentle than a cleansing brush or abrasive scrubs, skin irritation (which causes redness in the face) is kept to a minimal while all the dirt and oils are wiped away. We think Kate might be taking advice from her MUA, as there’s never a tinge of redness in her complexion – and definitely no sign of spots!

Lesson 3: Try bee venom

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It’s been reported in the past that both Kate Middleton and the Duchess of Cornwall are fans of bee sting facials. Though it was denied that they were ever clients of beauty Guru and facialist Deborah Mitchell, rumours DID circulate that both the royal ladies were fans of her bee venom skincare range – and it caused the Heaven Bee Venom Mask, £163, to sell out.

This type of venom in skincare can help cell regeneration and boost collagen, so it’s no wonder it’s got some famous fans. If you don’t want to splash out a ton of money on it, then try Manuka Doctor’s ApiNourish Repairing Skin Cream, £24.99.

Lesson 4: Always use a face oil

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When Kate was pregnant with Princess Charlotte, now 2, she reportedly kept her skinlooking its best with Trilogy’s Rosehip Oil, £31.50. With it being all natural, and good at repairing damaged skin tissue and improving the look of wrinkles and stretch marks , it’s no wonder it flew off the shelves. For year-round healthy skin, add some of this oil into your regime too.

Lesson 5: Keep up with your trims

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Kate’s hair is her thing, and it always looks perfect. She probably gets regular blow-dries, because – well, why wouldn’t you – but the secret to her healthy looking locks is keeping her cut to the perfect length.

Whether it’s shoulder length or slightly shorter, the ends ALWAYS look healthy, and she never lets them grow out to look ratty. Take note from the Duchess and keep your hair looking thick and youthful with regular trims, as a good hair cut can take years off your age.

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