Nicole Kidman reveals her secret to healthy, glowing skin

Nicole Kidman is focused on keeping herself hydrated even more now she’s 50. The Oscar-winning actress celebrated her landmark birthday in June and is still looking more youthful than ever. Revealing the key to her stunning looks, Nicole insisted it all comes down to what products she uses to fend off ageing.

“The thing is to be healthy,” she told W magazine. “Obviously, you need to use certain creams, and you need to use sunscreen, and you need to take care of yourself more. And that’s why even something that’s hydrating, because my skin tends to be dry, and my lips tend to be dry, so anything that says hydrating I’m like yes, please.”

She listed a few products too, one being a lip shine from Target and Neutrogena’s Rapid Wrinkle Regenerating Face Cream. Protecting herself from the sun’s rays is also essential for Nicole and it’s something that she has passed onto her daughters Sunday Rose, nine, and Faith Margaret, six, who she shares with husband Keith Urban.

“Because I’m so fair, I recommend even my girls, like my little girls, they wear the sunscreen too, because one of them is dark, and one of them is fair,” the Australian star explained.

“I’m just so religious about it. It’s just how I was raised, and it’s why my skin now is, I think, far less damaged than it could have been. Because I still go to the beach, it’s not that I don’t go to the beach, and it’s not that I’m not outside.”

She especially relied on SPF while filming her Emmy Award-winning TV show Big Little Lies, noting that Neutrogena supplied the entire cast with products during filming.

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