2018 Ford Mustang will come with ‘Good Neighbour Mode’

Ford has showcased its engine management mechanism for the 2018 European Mustang that can set different engine volumes for different times of the day.

Called ‘Good Neighbour Mode’, the technology was mentioned at the Mustang’s 2018 European launch at September’s Frankfurt Motor Show.

It allows Mustang owners to choose what time they can fire their muscle car up to its full roaring potential and what time they can set it to start up quietly without complaints from neighbours. The feature can be accessed through the toggle menu in the instrument cluster.

The idea is the brainchild of Ford employee Steve von Foerster, whose neighbours made constant complaints to him about his Mustang starting up in the morning.

While exhaust management systems are already a feature on some sports cars, the Good Neighbour Mode is the first exhaust system that can be time allotted to start the car up quietly, without a thunderous yelp from the Mustang’s V8.

According to a poll by Ranker.com, engine revving is one of the most annoying noises made by neighbours, beaten only by early-morning lawn mowers.

Both Quiet Exhaust mode and Quiet Start features will be part of the new Mustang, which is capable of hitting up to 82 decibels when in Track mode.

Since the American muscle car officially went on sale in Europe back in 2015, Ford has sold nearly 30,000 examples of the sixth-generation model.


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