Britain Freezes Tution Fees for British and European Undergraduates

British Prime Minister Teresa May has announced the freezing of university tuition fees for British and European undergraduate students at today’s levels.

The British prime minister said that the maximum amount of tuition fees for domestic students and those coming from EU countries to universities in England would remain at 9,250 pounds for each year of study.

The original government plan provided for an increase of 250 pounds per year for the coming academic seasons.

May added that the entire system of funding for studies in English universities would be reconsidered, admitting that when the Conservatives tripled the ceiling for undergraduate studies in 2012, they did not expect almost all universities to charge the maximum amount. It was expected that undergraduate curricula of lesser duration would be offered at the same time, something that did not happen.

The British prime minister said that the subject of university tuition returned to the political front after the Labor Party’ pre-election promise to take measures to tackle the high debt accumulated for graduates in England.

Regarding foreign students, Greece comes fifth in the number of foreign students attending British universities, behind Germany, France, Italy and Ireland, with Cyprus following in sixth place.

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