Driving test changes 2017: all you need to know about the new rules

A new driving test will come into effect from Monday in a bid to bring the format up to date by including “modern driving styles” and technology.

From 4 December, anyone taking their driving test will face “more manoeuvres”, such as reversing into a bay parking space, reports Autocar.

However, the “reverse around a corner” and “turn-in-the-road” manoeuvres will no longer feature, says the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), although instructors may still include them in lessons.

Other changes including asking candidates to follow the directions on a satnav provided by the examiner, reports Auto Express. This aims to “encourage more independent driving and teach new drivers to manage distractions”.

Candidates will also have to answer a safety question while driving and demonstrate how to carry out procedures such as operating the windscreen wipers, the magazine says. And the independent driving section, where candidates drive without instruction, will be increased from ten to 20 minutes.

Research by the DVSA shows that the majority of fatal collisions occur on “high-speed roads” – so examiners will make more use of faster roads to ensure candidates are capable of driving in those conditions.

The changes were welcomed by AA chief Edmond King, who told Autocar: “we know that new drivers are a higher risk on the roads, therefore we need to better prepare them for real-world driving.”

“These changes will test drivers in a more realistic manner,” he added, “which is essential to improving their safety once their L-plates are removed.”


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