This new chalet in Alaska allows you to sleep in the middle of a glacier, kept warm by a blazing log fire

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind holiday this year, then how does sleeping in a rustic chalet located within an icy glacier sound?

Sheldon Chalet sits within the heart of the Denali National Park in Alaska, 5,900 feet above sea level, on a lone peak in the middle of a glacier. As you can imagine it’s very snowy and cold up there, but the chalet itself is cosy and snug – and the views are out of this world.

The many large windows and observation deck offer sweeping panoramas of the Alaska Range.

The beautiful hotel, which is located only 10 miles from North America’s highest mountain, Denali, sleeps up to 10 guests in five rooms, so it’s perfect for a big group of friends or a large family.

The beautiful fireplace in the living room keeps the chalet lit with a warm glow, but if that’s not hot enough, you can always head to the hotel’s sauna.

To top off the luxury, when guests arrive they are greeted with platters of Alaskan seafood and Champagne. If you’re a bit of a foodie, you can even request to have private chefs prepare your food throughout your stay.

Outdoorsy types can get out and about, opting for sledding, snow cave exploring, hiking, skiing, helicopter tours, or igloo-building. And if you’re lucky, you’ll get to witness the spectacular Northern Lights.

The chalet is also a complete digital detox as there is no mobile phone signal within the glacier – but we’re sure this place is so extraordinary you won’t get cabin fever.

You may need to start saving your pennies though, as booking the chalet for one night costs around $2,300 (£1,615). Worth it?

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