FYROM PM Zaev: No Need to Change Our Constitution

Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said on Wednesday that there is no need for his country to change its constitution for the name to be decided.

The statement came after the Balkan country decided to rename the Skopje airport “Skopje International Airport” from “Alexander the Great International Airport” and to rename a key national highway “National Friendship Road” instead of the current “National Road Alexander the Macedonian.”

Zaev named his move a “big step” as a gesture to show that his country is not having any irredentist tendencies and no territorial ambitions. He said that he has agreed on a geographic qualifier as Greece has suggested.

However, Zaev said, there is no reason to change the country’s constitution that was adopted in 1993. The FYROM PM stressed that his country has no irredentist ambitions and that he only aims to build a friendship relationship with Greece.

Greece is concerned about the FYROM constitution because there are articles in it that suggest irredentist aims towards its southern neighbor. Hence Athens requires that articles in the FYROM constitution need to be revised before there is an agreement on the name.http:


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