Trump Reportedly Called Rob Porter ‘Sick’ Privately Despite Publicly Defending Aide

Despite publicly defending Rob Porter, a former White House staff secretary who resigned after both his ex-wives accused him of domestic abuse, President Donald Trump has called him “sick” in private, according to Axios.

Jonathan Swan reported that behind closed doors, Trump has told a number of people that he believes the allegations against Porter, and thinks his former staffer is “sick.”

Porter, once a low profile but powerful aide in the Trump White House, was thrust into the spotlight after his two ex-wives detailed his physical and emotional abuse to the Daily Mail. Although Porter resigned in light of the accusations, the president has spoken fondly of him in public comments, reminding the press that the aide “says he is innocent” and “will have a great career ahead of him.”

From Axios:

In the Oval Office, Trump read a print-out of the Daily Mail story with incredulity. He quickly turned on Porter. Trump said he was shocked that this clean-cut Harvard guy with the perfectly parted hair — “straight out of central casting” — could have violently attacked women.

Trump has also told associates that he views men who beat their wives the same way he views child molesters: as “sick puppies.” (This sits uncomfortably beside the fact that Trump stood by accused pedophile Roy Moore.)

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