Greece Braced for New Round of Talks with Creditors

Representatives of Greece’s creditors will meet government officials on Monday as deliberations begin for the fourth review of the Greek program.

According to ANMA, the focus of the first meeting between the heads of the institutions and the Greek government will be energy liberalization issues.

Later on Monday the talks will focus on the privatization program.

Discussions on the fourth review will begin with only 11 or 12 of the prior actions having been implemented to date, out of a total 88.

Greek daily Kathimerini says that there are still two milestones from the third review to be implemented, concerning the development of the Elliniko plot in southern Athens and the increase in and expansion of online auctions.

Only when these are seen to have been fulfilled will the creditors approve the disbursement of the first subtranche of €5.7 billion ($7 billion) from the third installment, to be followed by the remaining €1 billion at a later date.

Reports suggest the visit by the heads of institutions — Peter Dolman from the IMF, Declan Costello from the EU, Nicola Giammarioli from the European Stability Mechanism and Francesco Drudi from the European Central Bank — will last all this week.

The representatives of the institutions are expected to return to Athens after Orthodox Easter for final negotiations.


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