The argument for Brexit still doesn’t stand up to scrutiny

How disappointing to read “I’m a young person who voted for Brexit – and I’d do the same again today” by Benedict Spence. Always willing to read views different from my own, I was hopeful I would get a cohesive argument that explained why voting to leave the EU was still considered a benefit by the young correspondent. Sadly however we were just treated to the usual tit for tat about the campaigns. I have looked and looked for months and months to find the cogent argument as to why leaving the EU is beneficial to anyone.

Perhaps over the next few months we could start to see a discussion on why (other than visceral distrust of other nations) seemingly intelligent and educated individuals think this is a good idea. I hope it is not just so they can preserve a way of life from pre-Second World War era.

Laura Dawson


In relation to Benedict Spence’s article on Brexit, I’m an oldie who voted to Remain in the EU and I’ve never been to Tuscany. I disagree with our current political set-up probably as much as he appears to, and I would still vote Remain.

Patrick Wise


We must change the minimum wage

Now that youngsters are not going to be penalised with regard to housing benefit, perhaps the Government will take care of the age-related exploitation scam of the Minimum Wage.

There should be a minimum rate for everyone for all jobs and all ages – and one that realistically reflects the cost of living – maybe with some regional weighting.

After all, the cost of food, drink, clothing, accommodation and other necessities of life are not discounted for youth. Society wants youngsters to be financially responsible and to budget and save for the future and build up pensions – but what with?

Mike Margetts


Does Liam Fox know anything about trade?

Liam Fox states we have a brighter future when we leave the EU – could he explain why countries inside the EU having the same constraints from which he says we suffer, namely Germany and France sell a huge amount more to the likes of China and India? Where he says we will get now get huge advantage with Brexit.

The one positive step he mentioned, is having a department exclusively for International Trade, though run by a Minister who is a medic does not fill one with confidence.

Peter Downey


MPs have no place overturning Brexit

I find it degrading to our democratic system of government that so many MPs are attempting to have the legally binding vote to leave the European Union overturned. They’ve taken long enough to decide that they don’t like the idea of being cut off from Brussels’ rule.

As MPs they should remember that it was a democratic vote by their constituents that put them where they are now, just the same as the democratic vote mentioned above, and therefore realise that also cannot just be overturned.

MPs are elected to represent the views of their constituents and would do well to remember that, and I wonder just how many MPs actually consulted with their members prior to this disgraceful and flagrant disregard of democracy.

John F Cushine


Which Wiley?

Ash Sarkar wrote “Wiley once said that all clashes are based on lies, truth and rumour”. Wiley? John Wiley the publisher or Charles Wiley his father? Or must it be Wiley the rapper? I think we should be told.

Chris Holt


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