Ironing boards, plug sockets next to the bed and breakfast served until lunchtime: Travellers reveal the simple things that can make all the difference to a hotel stay

Sometimes a stay in a hotel can be tainted by just one or two small problems.

For instance it might have spacious and plush rooms, a superb restaurant and courteous staff – but a lack of a plug socket by the bed can send irritation levels soaring.

One particular internet thread tackled the issue head on, with contributors listing their hotel gripes and wishes – from plug socket woes to wanting safes big enough for laptops – perhaps in the hope that word would get out to the hospitality community.

© Provided by Associated Newspapers Limited Travellers have been taking to Quora to reveal the one thing they would like to see in hotel roomsThe discussion appeared on US-based internet forum Quora after a user posted the question: ‘What’s the one great thing that people would like to see in a hotel room?’

And traveller Jonathan Tate was one of many whose hotel wishlist contained strategically placed power outlets.

He wrote: ‘Power outlets easily accessible from the nightstand so you can easily charge your phone/tablet without leaving it across the room on the floor.’

Vlad Georgescu said he would like electrical sockets inside the safe for his laptop.

He added: ‘Please please please let me charge my laptop while I’m out without worrying about it going AWOL for some reason.

‘Some (few) hotels have thought of this but it should definitely become a standard.

‘Also, make sure the damn safe is big enough to fit a laptop.’

© Provided by Associated Newspapers Limited Many travellers wanted more strategically placed plug sockets – especially near the bedsWhile Julie Farrell explained she would like to see outlets next to a mirror outside the bathroom.

She wrote: ‘I so often stay in hotels either completely lacking in sufficient sockets, or where the sockets are nowhere near the mirror, making hair drying and straightening really awkward.

‘I now keep a 3m extension cable in my luggage, and regularly need to use it.’

For Domhnall O’Huigin, a simple ironing board and steam iron would make life so much easier for him when he travels.

He wrote: ‘An actual, honest-to-God ironing board and an electric steam iron to match.

‘With enough flex to reach from the socket to the cuffs of my trousers.


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