Best foods to eat for healthy skin, according to a nutrition expert

You might already be aware that eating a diet chock-full of super foods like leafy greens, dark chocolate and oily fish can help with a whole host of chronic health conditions.

But, did you know that some foods can also work wonders for your skin?

According to a growing body of research, the right diet can be just as important as the lotions and potions you apply to your face and that’s exactly why one expert is on a mission to convince us that we really are what we eat.

Author, alternative-health guru and nutrition expert David Wolfe has touted the benefits of a vegan diet for years and with the release of his latest book, The Beauty Diet, he aims to preach the benefits that some super foods can have on your skin.

© Provided by Independent Digital News & Media LimitedSharing his vast knowledge of health and nutrition, Wolfe told Well and Good that his one-week beauty “jump start” has helped numerous actors, actresses and models look more beautiful naturally.

So, what exactly does it involve?

As well as consuming plenty of avocado, cocoa, chia and quinoa, the so-called “beauty diet” involves eating “super-herbs” like schizandra, tulsi, and white peony root.

Similarly, Wolfe insists that foods which contain superior oils and antioxidants including olive, coconut, and sea buckthorn oil, plus aloe vera, pearl powder, and turmeric can help protect skin from premature ageing.

To add to that list, he also suggests incorporating certain minerals into your diet for optimum results.

The first of which is magnesium, which Wolfe says “is an important mineral because it controls processes of detoxification and promotes healthy alkaline tissues.”

Similarly, he suggests increasing your intake of silica which is found in cucumbers, bell peppers and tomatoes to help “promote shiny skin, hair and nails.”

The third mineral he endorses is sulphur which “promotes flexible tissue, reduces scar tissue, and has anti-ageing qualities”, and can be found in everything from eggs to spirulina.


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