Greece Counts Cost of Widespread Flooding

Greek authorities are assessing the damage caused by a weather front dubbed Nefeli that has caused widespread flooding in many parts of the country since Monday.

Meteorologists say that the worst is over as the weather will gradually improve in central and southern Greece starting from Thursday.

Dozens of people in northern and central Greece have been evacuated by the fire brigade. In Halkidiki, cars were swept into the sea.

A road near Thessaloniki collapsed from the rushing waters.

Further south, the residents of Mandra, Megara and Nea Peramos, cities in western Attica, are trying to cope with muddy streets and washed belongings.

Tuesday evening’s rains turned streets into streams with water levels reaching up to two meters in some areas, according to eyewitnesses.

Heavy rainfall hit these regions last November, resulting in 24 deaths.

“People suffered material damages again and lives were put at risk,” Mandra Mayor Ioanna Kriekouki told local SKAI TV, underlining that the much-needed infrastructure works in the drainage system that authorities had promised to do after last November’s tragedy were stuck in bureaucracy.


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