The Greek Chapel Made of Wine and Dirt

The beautiful, picturesque chapel of “Krasopanagia” (the Virgin Mary of Wine), located at the western end of Methana peninsula, is built on steep gray rocks and has been swept by  waves for years.

The Up Drones team made a fascinating aerial video of Krasopanagia, which makes the viewer search about the story of the solitary chapel.

Legend has it that many years ago, a seaman had loaded his boat with barrels of wine which he took to Piraeus to sell. On the way he found rough seas and prayed to Virgin Mary to help him make it to his destination, and in return he would build a chapel of wine in Her honor. Panagia helped him and when he returned, the seaman made the small chapel, mixing dirt with wine instead of water — thus giving the chapel the name Krasopanagia.

The difficult-to-reach location of the little church makes it a scarcely visited landmark. Most people who know it have seen it from a cruise ship.

The bolder hiker can reach it by boat or walk the 3.8 kilometers of rocky terrain, which includes some mountain climbing. Once there you can enjoy the wild beauty of the location and the chapel perched on the rocks of the northeast part of Peloponnese.


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