10 hotels from movies you can actually stay in

Have you ever watched a film and wished you could be transported into it?

There’s something about films that evoke a sense of escapism, and you can become just as attached to the gorgeous settings as you can to the central characters.

Luckily, you can experience these locations first-hand because there are a number of films that were shot at existing hotels you can stay in.

From The Shining’s spooky lodge to the luxe hotel from Pretty Woman, below are 10 of the best hotels from movies you can stay in.

Park Hyatt Tokyo, Japan

Featured in: Lost in Translation

Made famous as the hotel Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray lounge about in during the 2003 film Lost in Translation, the Park Hyatt Tokyo boasts some of the best hotel views in Tokyo.


Hotel Degli Orafi, Florence, Italy

© Provided by Evening Standard Limited (Hotel DegliOrafi)Featured in: A Room with a View

Hotel Degli Orafi’s ‘room with a view’ is room 414 on the fourth floor of the hotel, to be precise. With views over the Arno and the Ponte Vecchio this room was immortalised in the Academy Award-winning film directed by James Ivory.


Beverly Wilshire Hotel, Los Angeles, USA

© Provided by Evening Standard Limited (Four Seasons)Featured in: Pretty Woman

The ornate front doors of the Beverly Wilshire Hotel have attracted tourists from far and wide ever since Pretty Woman was released in 1990. The hotel features throughout the film and they even offer a Pretty Woman-themed package where you can stay in the Presidential Suite where many of the scenes were filmed.


The Ritz, London, UK

© Provided by Evening Standard Limited (The Ritz London)Featured in: Notting Hill

Julia Roberts plays a famous actress in iconic rom-com Notting Hill who stays at The Ritz during her visits to London. The Ritz, located just near Green Park in London’s Piccadilly, is the epitome of luxury, and you can even visit without pretending you work for Horse and Hound…


Mountain Lake Lodge, Virginia, USA

© Provided by Evening Standard Limited (Mountain Lake Lodge)Featured in: Dirty Dancing

At the Mountain Lake Lodge, you can step into Johnny Castle and Baby’s shoes for a weekend with one of the Dirty Dancing-themed weekend packages on offer. These include a scavenger hunt, group dance lessons and a dance party in Mary’s Barn.


The Timberline Lodge, Oregon, USA

© Provided by Evening Standard Limited (The Timberline Lodge)Featured in: The Shining

Quite possibly the most famous hotel-based film, Stephen King’s The Shining was based at The Timberline Lodge. The horror novel-turned-film starred Jack Nicholson and tourists have been flocking to the hotel ever since, following the same winding road through the pines up to the alpine hotel. Let’s just hope you don’t see any twins standing at the end of the hallway…


Juvet Landscape Hotel, Valldal, Norway

© Provided by Evening Standard Limited (Juvet Landscape Hotel)Featured in: Ex Machina

Dubbed the ‘first landscape hotel in Europe’, Juvet is located in a small village in rural Norway where modern architecture meets natural landscape. The hotel was featured in the 2015’s Ex Machina and acted as the mansion of the tech billionaire played by Oscar Isaac.


Headland Hotel, Cornwall, UK

© Provided by Evening Standard LimitedFeatured in: The Witches

An iconic Cornish hotel, the Headland hotel first opened in 1900 and was the setting for the 1990 production of Roald Dahl’s The Witches. According to the hotel’s website: “Angelica Houston starred as the Grand High Witch and, much to the excitement of the staff, we’d receive huge flower bouquets and phone calls from her then boyfriend Jack Nicholson.

“Rowan Atkinson played the hotel manager and caused a Mr Bean style calamity when he left the bath taps running in his room (the frantically knocking porter was told “go away, I’m asleep”). The flood wrote off much of the production team’s electrical equipment on the floor below.”


Le Bristol Paris Hotel, Paris, France

© Provided by Evening Standard Limited (Le Bristol Paris Hotel)Featured in: Midnight in Paris

Owen Wilson’s and Rachel McAdams’ characters stay in this five-star hotel during the film and many of the scenes are shot there. The hotel boasts stunning views of Paris along with elegant décor and is a visual delight for anyone visiting the French capital.


Chateau Marmont, Los Angeles, USA

© Provided by Evening Standard Limited (Getty Images)Featured in: La La Land, Somewhere

One of Hollywood’s most iconic hotels, Chateau Marmont has long been a hotspot for A-List celebrities. The hotel has been featured in a number of films, namely Sofia Coppola’s Somewhere and the Academy Award winning La La Land.

SOURCE: Standard.co.uk

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