Greek Prosecutors Hunt for Clues a Month Since the Fire Tragedy

A month since the fires that devastated the resort of Mati in eastern Attica and claimed the lives of at least 96 people, Greek prosecutors are mulling over the evidence provided by witnesses.

More than 35 witnesses have already testified as the judicial investigation is not only focusing on the causes of the fire, but also on possible negligence by the authorities.

According to reports, the prosecutors are still awaiting the findings of independent technical experts appointed to investigate the cause of the tragedy.

A report by a technical expert enlisted by relatives of people who died has blamed the tragedy on the delayed response of the fire service, miscalculations in allocating resources and manpower to multiple fronts, and the failure to evacuate residents.

As for the cause of the fire, the report points to “human negligence” and specifically the actions of a local resident who is said to have burned wood outside his home on the afternoon of July 23.

According to sources, several residents of the Daou area of Mount Pendeli have pointed the finger at a 65-year-old man.


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