Tension at Greece-Albania Border over Konstantinos Katsifas’ Memorial Service

There was tension on Saturday morning at the Greece-Albania border as Albanian police used strict checks to deter Greek citizens from going to Konstantinos Katsifas’ 40-day Memorial Service in the village of Vouliarates.

Katsifas was shot dead by the Albanian Rinea Special Forces in Vouliarates, after an exchange of fire with the police. He was pursued allegedly for raising a Greek flag and shooting during the ”OXI Day” celebrations on October 28.

Several Greeks who were trying to cross to Albania for the service were banned from entering the country. Albanian police employed very strict checks on every Greek citizen trying to cross the border.

Greek travelers protested against the checks that barred many from entering Albania. Some of them formed a human chain not allowing buses from Albania to cross into Greece.

Greek police, however, pushed the Greek protesters away from the borderline. The Greek citizens reacted by singing the national anthem.

Meanwhile, the memorial service at the Vouliarates cemetery took place without incident, under heavy police surveillance.

SOURCE: Greece.greekreporter.com

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