Lindsay Lohan’s Mykonos “Beach Club” reality TV show debuts on MTV

“Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club,” made its debut on MTV on Tuesday night and according to many critics, they are pleasantly surprised.

Focusing on the launch of Lindsay’s new club on Greece’s famous Mykonos island, it follows the lives of the staff who work for the American actress.

“I want to be my own boss,” said Lohan in the first episode, which is why she and her business partner, Panos Spentzos, gathered a group of American “VIP hosts” to work at Lohan Beach House, her third establishment in Greece.

*Lindsay’s staff, starring in the new MTV reality TV show

Lohan went on to explain why she wanted to introduce a new club in Mykonos and made it clear that being famous is not all glitz and glam.

In the opening scene, Lohan spoke about why she loves Greece, “I’ve always loved the beauty and serenity I feel when I’m here,” she says.

“Mykonos is the place to be. It’s beautiful, it’s open-minded, and most of all, it’s safe,” she added.

Lohan made it clear as to why she used the term “safe” when she reminded Spentzos that he had known her since “I was hit on that beach.”

Spentzos then went on to reveal more about the violent incident in Mykonos that made worldwide headlines in 2016, “Three years ago, Lindsay was there on that beach with her ex-boyfriend. She got hit by him.”

“Instead of crying or getting angry, I said, ‘I’m gonna own this beach one day.’ Because I always want everyone to feel safe,” Lindsay added.

Lohan started to cry as she described bringing her mother to the beach club for the first time. “I made it something that is meaningful to me.”


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