After the Sacred Band of Thebes founded in 379 BC and the Sacred Band of Revolution founded in 1821, the 3rd Greek Sacred Band was one of the Middle East, established during Vp.p.

Specifically, the 3 rd Greek Sacred Band was founded in Egypt in September 1942 and participated in it 150 men, warriors of the Albanian front. To these were added several new Egyptians with highly developed sense of patriotism, including 11 lieutenant and three sergeants. Specifically, the lieutenant was Mars Plomaritis, George Spanakis Pantelis Zotos, Nicholas Psaltis, Kyriakos Sofoules Joseph Kolokotronis, Eleftherios Kontomichalos, Peter Minotou Andreas Lafogiannis, George Menekidis and George Standing, while the sergeants are Pericles Tamvakopoulos Konstantinos Armpelias and Alexander Kourouniotis .

After the end of their training in December 1942, they left the camp Kamprit Egypt and transferred to the theater of war in Libya, where the Maret bar were great and heroic action: they cut off and captured 2,000 Italians chased the enemy in different directions, took part in the first line in the victorious battle of Nidhi Akarit, and then penetrated in Tunisia.

In April the Sacred Band returned to Cairo and then went to Palestine, taking special training for the collection of parachutists and commandos, taking place on a business in Samos Kastellorizo ​​and generally in the Aegean.

From June 1944 developed by reinforced company to unit equivalent to a brigade, while retaining the name Sacred Band. With this form intensively trained all summer, while continuing operations in the Aegean, such as the July 1944 Symi where 150 Greeks captured 200 Germans.

In September, the headquarters moved from Palestine to Chios, continuing the successful military action, releasing, for example, on October 17, Lemnos, and on May 9, Rhodes, Kos, Kalymnos and Leros delivered to parts of the Sacred Band, accompanied by members of the British brigade.

So he continued his action as the end of the war in May 1945 to return to Egypt in June and aposygkrotithei with a ceremony in Athens on 07/08/1945, honoring the 25 dead, 56 wounded and 29 hostages.

Image shows a snapshot of the moving ceremony unveiling booster column of heroically deceased men the Sacred Band. It was unveiled in 1944 in Palestine by the Greek chief of staff Colonel R. Melt. The memorial service conducted by Archbishop of Samos, while the ceremony attended by Greek and British senior officers, including Colonel WG Holmes.

Source: Hephaestuswien.com

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