EU Passport sale schemes Cypriot government is trying to bypass the issue by remaining silent and a lack of transparency

The government hasn’t made any comments yesterday about the European Commission’s accusations in its report on the sale of “golden passports” and the danger of corruption that is developing around this activity, which the government has turned into a business.

By keeping silent and a lack of transparency, the government is trying to bypass the issue. The publicity surrounding this issue doesn’t suit it because it will be asked to provide explanations for the policy that is pursuing and which exposes Cyprus every day internationally.

We realise that there are very big interests behind the “golden passports” scheme and that the government and ruling forces are benefiting from them. We wonder, however:

– When will the government wake up and confront the issue?

When Cyprus will be completely exposed?

When the Commission takes action against Cyprus, when this profitable business collapses, taking down with it the economy and society?

Even at this late stage we urge the government and ruling forces to put the interest of Cyprus over any ulterior and private interests.


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