The one interior design tip that will transform your small space

When trying to up the feeling of grandeur, style and a ‘pulled together’ look in our homes, we often turn to adding a new cushion here, a jazzy throw there, or perfect buy some copper kitchen utensils to display in the kitchen (all good suggestions), but to really make a quick and easy difference instantly in any and all rooms of the house, this one tip beats them all.


© Getty Images This interior design tip will transform your spaceSo simple, yet so effective, adding plants is a great way to bring nature indoors and soften the contemporary, minimal edges of your home. Bursting with fresh, tropical colours, an array of exciting textures and heights on offer and with hanging varieties available to adorn any surface, no matter what the size of the room. Indoor plants are the foolproof way to jazz up a small space, brighten up a corner or add life to a stuffy kitchen,

PLUS, there are numerous documented health benefits to keeping plants in your house; studies at the Agricultural University found that the presence of plants in interior spaces can decrease the occurrence of dry skin, colds, sore throats and dry coughs, by purifying the inside air of pollutants. Not to mention the psychological benefits that can be reaped from simply keeping plants in your space.

Follow these easy tips and tricks to add oomph and chic to each room of your house:

Whether it’s your living room that needs a lift:

Try creating a feature plant wall out of an unused glass cabinet as a room divider, or a stack of wooden shelves against a coloured wall.

© Getty Images This interior design tip will transform your space

Match your plants to your furnishings with some tropical printed cushions and pine coloured wood.

As we tend to focus on large pieces of furniture like sofas and tables, corners of our homes, like spare bedrooms, are often left a little neglected.

© Getty Images This interior design tip will transform your space

For a small corner reboot, try adding hanging and small plants to wall shelves placed high up, to maximise space on the ground.

Even in the hustle bustle of a kitchen.

© Getty Images This interior design tip will transform your space

The splash of green looks amazing in any room – display your pots and pans, spices in glass jars, and add an array of fresh and different textured plants – big and small, preened and overgrown.

Spice up an otherwise boring home office with some leafy greens, and a Scandi-style rug on your wooden floor.

© Getty Images This interior design tip will transform your space

If you work from home, keeping indoor plants near your desk could help to combat stress whilst boosting your productivity. A study carried out by the University of Exeter concluded that indoor plants in your workspace can boost creativity by 45%, productivity by 38% and well-being by 47%.

Enhance your zen with some bathroom-friendly indoor plants and enjoy the tropical rainforest vibes as you bathe (red wine in hand, of course).

© Getty Images This interior design tip will transform your space

Just make sure you don’t put a dry-loving plant in a humid bathroom, it’ll be too humid for them and they’ll end up dying.

And if you really can’t keep a plant alive long enough to reap any of the health benefits, these fake plants will fool most of your guests (just as long as they don’t look too close).


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