Greece in Bratislava International Tourism Fair 2019

Von Georg Gstrein

It was completed on January 27, the 25 the Slovak Tourism Fair with a very optimistic message for Greece.

The exhibition, entitled «ITF Slovakiatour 2019», which took place in Bratislava, from 24 January, attracted over 73,000 visitors. 774 exhibitors from 25 countries took part in this meeting. The Greece that are among the most popular destinations of Slovaks for the summer, had a glittering presence with a very nice booth.

Managers known Tour Operators operating in Slovakia had the opportunity to discuss with the Head of the Foreign Office EOT Austria, Elena honey on the image of Greece in Slovakia. Even discussed the framework of actions implemented by Austria EOT for the strategy of the Ministry of Tourism of the country is’ Greece – Tourism 365 days a year. “

The official Greece was present at the exhibition with the Ambassador in Bratislava Maria – Louisa Marinakis.

2019 visitors expected significant increase of almost + 10%, while in 2018 about 120,000 Slovaks visited Greece and especially island destinations such as Crete, Rhodes, Kos etc.

from left to right: Valeria Pernisova, PR Manager EXPO BRATISLAVA, Elena Honey, Austria EOT Director, Nicoletta basins, employee D / Directorate of Tourism Promotion K.Ys EOT

Mrs. Honey, who except Austria represented as EOT, Switzerland, Hungary and from 1 st January 2019 and Slovakia, explained exclusively to our station, Radio Hephaestus, the Greek policy on tourism. “Our participation in the Travel Report is the beginning of a new penetration Slovak tourist market and we hope to increase very arrivals of visitors from Slovakia,” said Director of the ESO in our Region.

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