British Actress Janet Suzman Says ”Parthenon Marbles Need Attica’s Sun”

Dame Janet Suzman, actress and chair of the British Committee for the reunification of the Parthenon marbles wrote an article on Saturday in Greece’s TA NEA newspaper, with which she tried to answer to the director of the British Museum.

Dame Janet Suzman

“I am neither an intellect nor an academic. My position in the committee is of a simple visitor of the museum and as a visitor, I can see clearly that the marbles are in the wrong place”, Suzman said, adding that ”they need Attica’s sun to shine on them with the background of the blue sky”.

Suzman mentioned the new Acropolis museum, saying that the marbles ”ask to be reunited with their other half at the New Acropolis Museum where a place is always waiting for them”.

She was referring to British Museum director Hartwig Fischer’s statements that the “museum will not return the marbles permanently to Greece” Suzman noted that she doesn’t trust the museum’s terminology when they arrogantly refer to ”creative actions”, saying that the marbles were violently deprived of their ”siblings”.

Suzman concluded in her article by noting that “asking for something of huge significance, which has been taken from you when you were under foreign occupation, is a demand for simple justice”.

Suzman is an 80-year old South African/British actress who enjoyed a successful early career in the Royal Shakespeare Company. She has earned several honors, including a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Actress.


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