The Eptanesian flavors traveling for a week at the Palace of the United Nations Vienna

From Eptanesian flavors will “flood” next week the UN Palace in Vienna.

About 4,500 employees from 130 countries will taste the unique traditional flavors and aromas of the islands of the Ionian Sea, while all areas of restaurants will be tourism promotion of the Ionian showcasing the best tourism product of the PIN to an audience of high economic consumer feature.

The “Ionian week” to be held from 11 – February 15 is the result of cooperation was the Region of Ionian Islands and the Deputy Head of Tourism and Island Policy Spyros Galiatsatos the Greek Embassy in Vienna the previous year.

In the “Ionian week” will attend both the Region of Ionian Islands Theodore Galiatsatos and the Deputy Head of Tourism and Island Policy.

Especially in southern dining UN officials will be delivered as main dishes the food to be prepared by cooks from the Ionian Islands, and also in all areas of restaurants will be tourism promotion of our islands posters posts by distributing leaflets and other material specially designed area, with video projection etc.

It is estimated that a day will arrive approximately 2,000 employees, and in addition to the advertising of the week to be undertaken by Eurest catering company both on the website and with freestanding banners on UN premises, there will be a briefing by the Embassy in Vienna to all permanent Representations of countries in international UN organizations.

The reception of the Region of Ionian Islands to be held within the UN Palace, invited the Greek charge d’affaires at the Embassy of Vienna Nikos Sapountzis and officers of the Embassy of Austria EOT Office and Hungary the Head Helen Honey and executives in the Office and airlines, tour operators, journalists of Diaspora Press and ANA-MPA.


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