Hellenic Professional Women and Rocking the Work-Life Balance Paradox

NEW YORK – Ready, Set, Rock the Work-Life Balance Paradox: Your Power to Choose Work that Fuels Your Dreams Without Compromising Well-Being. That was the topic of the discussion presented by Hellenic Professional Women (HPW) at its recent event in Manhattan. HPW is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to inspiring and supporting the advancement of Greek-American women at all professional levels.

The panel consisted of three successful women: Evangelia Leclaire, career coach, Joanna Diakos Kordalis, lawyer, and Maria Georgiadis Sfakianos, MD, surgical critical care, who shared their experience and thoughts about a well-balanced life.

The event was moderated by Marigo Mihalos, a director of talent relations at Sirius XM Radio. As she told The National Herald: “Women wear many hats in this day and age and the goal of Hellenic Professional Women is to bring women together, to voice their opinions and address their challenges, yes even their struggles. It is used to motivate, inspire and empower! The world needs more strong women, who will lift and build others, who live bravely with indomitable will. This series is to bring those women together, and help bring opportunities to Greek American Women.”

HPW was founded in 2007 by Maria Frantzis to provide career development and mentoring and its mission is to foster empowerment through relationship-building and programs for professional growth. HPW is committed to establishing a strong and vibrant community of Greek-American professional women.

Career coach Evangelia Leclaire, Dr. Maria Georgiadis Sfakianos, and lawyer Joanna Diakos Kordalis. Photo: Courtesy of Maria Frantzis/Hellenic Professional Women

“It is truly an honor to be part of such a special organization created and founded by Maria Frantzis,” Mihalos said. “To be able to unite with powerful and professional Greek women is a gift. HPW is a place where like-minded women, with the same proud and grounding roots, can come together to plant beautiful seeds and watch them blossom.”

Mihalos’ Hellenic heritage is vital part of her life and an important dimension of HPW. She told TNH, “There is nothing more special than the place we call Home, our Ellada. We are proud today and every day. Our passion for life, our traditions and the morals and values of our ancestors have shaped who we are today, and there is nothing more beautiful. Together we can unite and accomplish so much.”

Mihalos is an HPW board member as of January 1, 2019. “My goal is to utilize my network to continue to help people grow professionally and personally. Together we can do much! May we continue to be fearless, like the strong Greek women that raised us and came before us,” she said.

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