Since mid-April 1951 were initiated in Cairo the TV application tests by a French company and the Radiodifusion Franscaise. The makeshift station had been set up on the third floor of a building near the railway station of Bab el Luk while high on a building was placed the antenna, which saw particularly curious passersby.

One two a.m. daily transmissions were, at first watched the technicians, experts, but many curious. Specifically, two television machines were installed in a room to another were the facilities, a third housed the technicians and seven small screens were installed in several rooms where as in room movies watched are motivated.

All houses within a radius of 10 km. From the station could a receiving machine to watch broadcasts of this TV station clipboard. The lucky and yet very few were chosen. Some personalities led by King Farouk, the prime minister and some others were in their homes making machines to see the program broadcast. The antenna had brought with them the French were short intensive because the TV then in Egypt was only a trial and shortly after the makeshift station will be dissolved and the French would leave until asked for something more permanent.

Meanwhile the reception hall of images with powerful spotlights both machines resembled movie studio. Had erected a small scene, the cameraman had taken positions and were ready for transmission. As in film began to show. Falling letters titled Nile TV, the name of the director Gamal Bey Machgkour and soon the announcer broadcast news soon. Then a small skit broadcast entitled The Egyptian weddings, with the actors and the dancers appear a little rough, after tests were not. Dancing, singing and heat reaching 50 degrees. Then the reason is again the announcer announcing the dancing couple Kastrinos – Zokka. They are the first Greeks who take part in the Egyptian TV program. Two beautiful dances and viewers are stunned by the sight. Following is a film through a special machine. One hour in total lasted transmission, while even the Kairinoi could not understand how the image is transmitted from one room to another.

Followed by the Revolution and the exile of King in 1952, the declaration of the Egyptian Republic in 1953, the assumption of power by Nasser in 1954 … and the TV left behind … By January 1955 we read that it was decided that Alexandria would be first city of the Egyptian democracy that installed himself TV station and for this received the villa Malek Bair Tucson … Here again televised silence, since 1956 we have the Suez Crisis in 1958 and the creation of the United Arab Republic.

And we arrive at the end of 1959 when Egypt signed a contract with the Radio Corporation of America to provide the country a television network. Construction of Broadcasting Center in Maspero Building was completed in 1960 and on June 21 the same year took place the first broadcast of the Egyptian TV, which lasted five hours and included reciting the Koran, speaking of Nasser, the national anthem and news flashes.

And what followed now the story of the Egyptian television in a series which entitled Maa el Ayla (The Family) raised in 1960 – the first year of the official presence of the words – to Abbas Kamel appeared and directed the Egyptians theatranthropos George Iordanides.

So, the Greeks and the 1951 and 1960 had the privilege to appear on Egyptian television screens, next to the pioneers of TV of Egypt.


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