Commission responds to Orbán’s latest anti-immigration campaign

The European Commission reacted strongly on Thursday (28 February) to a new anti-immigration campaign launched by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán earlier this week by saying it “distorts the truth”, and by refuting most of its points.

Commission spokesperson Mina Andreeva said the college of commissioners had discussed the Hungarian migration campaign at their weekly meeting on Wednesday.

The Hungarian press reported that Orbán had written a “letter” to his compatriots, saying that “Brussels has learned nothing from the terrible terrorist attacks of recent years and wants to bring more immigrants to Europe”

The website Hungary Today quotes from the letter:

“The bureaucrats are now preparing to encourage immigration with new measures. After the introduction of the migrant visa and the migrant bank card, more money would be given to George Soros’ organizations, supporting immigration. They still want to distribute immigrants with obligatory quotas.”

The PM continued by saying Hungarians do not want their country to become an “immigrant country”:

“We want to protect our security and our Christian culture. That is why we have built a fence and we are protecting our borders. However, the bureaucrats in Brussels do not want to respect our decision. In order to achieve their goals, they want to break the resistance of countries that stand against immigration.”

The letter ends with words from a recent information campaign, stating that people have the right to know “what Brussels is up to.” According to the letter, there is an information package attached, detailing Brussels’ measures.

This is the second time that Orbán writes a “letter” to Hungarians against Brussels. In April 2017 he launched an initiative called “Let’s stop Brussels”, only days after leaders gathered in Rome to mark the EU’s 60th anniversary.


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