Cyprus military agreement with France and a permanent naval anchorage of the French Navy

Statement by AKEL C.C. Spokesperson Stefanos Stefanou on press reports about a military agreement with France and a permanent naval anchorage of the French Navy
AKEL C.C. Press Office, 3 March 2019, Nicosia

Although we have no briefing whatsoever about what is currently being reported in the press – apparently following targeted government leaks – about a military deal having been agreed with France and the transformation of the naval base at Mari into a permanent naval anchorage for the French navy, we point out the following:

1. It is the Republic of Cyprus’ sovereign right to conclude any co-operation with various states. There is no questioning whatsoever on this point.

2. It is an irrefutable fact that as regards any decisions taken at this level, their ramifications must be measured in relation to the basic objectives our country sets and the main problems that it has to solve. The main problem we have to solve is the Cyprus problem. The continuation of the prolonged stalemate leads to the consolidation of partition which we are trying to prevent.

3. We wonder whether these decisions that the press reports say the government has taken are helping towards achieving the goal of demilitarization. We recall that demilitarization with the solution of the Cyprus problem has been agreed between the two sides. Furthermore, we also recall that demilitarization as a goal exists in the unanimous communiqué of the National Council meeting of 2009.

4. It seems that the government isn’t concerned about the issue of demilitarization and the possible complications that will be provoked in the efforts for a resumption of negotiations, as the government evidently isn’t concerned whether through such decisions the sensitive balances that must characterize Cyprus’ foreign policy are respected


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