“A forgotten Spartan tenor”

Caption: In photo the Palace Hotel in San Francisco in the early 20th century.

N. Nikitaridis

Historical research has many features. One of these is that it continues indefinitely. A second is that not always bear fruit. This second feature unfortunately led to swamp our own investigation ex Sparta soprano Athanasios Symakopoulo, but this – according to the first feature – which will not prevent another historical researcher to take up the baton, to continue research and to find out more information for this Spartan the Alexandrian postal newspaper on 10-23 / 1/1903 wrote the following:

Ai newspapers in California and own the step of Oklandas despite the Holy Francis after many anagrafousi praise the name of Sparta status of originating Mr. Athanasiou Symakopoulou soprano as first class.

Mr. Symakopoulos whose image osaftos dimosiefousi Many newspapers ethelxe by sweet voice large audience opera had recovered in the great hall of Francis hotel Holy Palace Hotel wherein was offered concert for in the city principle itself Russian Orthodox Church enthusiastically receiver applauded He was forced to repeat several songs.

Mr. Symakopoulos espoudasen on tetraetian the fonitikin mousikin attached Italy Prof.. E. Ziziani, exits receiver shortly in Italian fill therein his studies. Mr. Zizianis he who taught the Great Italian soprano Tamanio foretells that Mr. Symakopoulos within a short time he occupy glorious position between the countryside soprano in the world and already during a informs Mr. Symakopoulos after the refunded was on Italy next year wants recruited in Thiasos of US preferably, contracted before whose after the impresario, who heard the latterly in Francis Sts.

Source: Hephaestuswien.com

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