Cyprus Preparing for All Brexit Scenarios – Foreign Minister

MOSCOW (Sputnik), Ksenia Shakalova – Cyprus, as a member of the European Union, is getting ready for all possible Brexit scenarios, including a no-deal withdrawal, in light of uncertainties over whether London will adopt a divorce deal,

C ypriot Foreign Minister Nikos Christodoulides told Sputnik. “Given our extended ties with the United Kingdom in areas such as education, trade and tourism, Cyprus is one of the EU member states most exposed to Brexit. We are, therefore, preparing for all scenarios, and especially that of a no-deal Brexit, with a view to mitigating the negative effects to the extent possible,” Christodoulides said.

Since the Sovereign Base Areas of Akrotiri and Dhekelia, a UK overseas territory, is located on the island, Cyprus is determined to protect the rights of Cypriot and EU citizens working there after Brexit, the minister noted.

“Regarding your question on the future of the British bases in Cyprus post-Brexit, I would like to point out that our priority in this context has been, and remains, to ensure that the rights of Cypriots and others EU citizens living and/or working in the British bases will not be negatively affected, irrespective of the manner in which Brexit will take effect,” Christodoulides added.

The UK parliament has repeatedly rejected the withdrawal agreement negotiated between Brussels and the UK government and has refused to leave the bloc without any deal at all. After the highly unpopular divorce deal was voted down for a third time on March 29 — the original Brexit deadline — Brussels gave the United Kingdom until April 12 to either figure out alternative arrangements or leave without an accord on that very day.


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