Theodoro Griego, First Greek in U.S., Landed in Florida in 1528

On April 14 it was 491 years since Theodoros Griego, a sailor, landed on Florida. He is believed to be the first Greek to set foot on what would become America.

He was part of the expedition of Spanish conquistador Panfilo de Narváez and died along with most of his companions during the trek.

Griego was killed searching for water in a nearby Indian settlement and only four survived to tell the story. A statue was erected in Florida in the city of Tampa in honor of the Greek Conquistador and explorer, the Greek City Times wrote.

Before his death, he helped save the lives of some of his colleagues who were attacked by Apalachee warriors, as he made rafts using liquid from pines, wood and leather. He was born in the Aegean and moved to Spain, where he joined Narvaez’s crew.


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