What has the Cypriot government done to prevent Turkey’s illegal yet predictable actions?

AKEL’s positions and stand are well known to everyone.
AKEL has from the very beginning and unequivocally denounced Turkey’s behaviour and provocative decision to proceed with drillings in the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of the Republic of Cyprus.

Moreover, we had warned at an unexpected time that the President’s actions have not in any way contributed to the prevention of such actions.
So instead of distorting the criticism exerted by AKEL, it would be good if the President of the Republic would acknowledge his mistakes and taken on his responsibilities.
We had posed and once again pose the following questions:

• What did the government do to prevent Turkey’s illegal yet predictable actions?
• What has happened to the much-advertised shielding of the EEZ which the government were rejoicing about so much?
• How do government officials explain the fact that the UN General Secretariat has adopted a stand of equal distances?
• Why is the US talking about an “EEZ which the Republic of Cyprus is claiming”?

The President of the Republic and the government ruling forces should therefore give a reply to these questions and at long last put a limit on their political delirium.
They shouldn’t hope that they will drag AKEL into the downhill path of polarization which they are seeking.

AKEL will always consider national what is true. It will not change its stand. It will always stand with consistency and vigor opposing Turkey’s aggression. It will not, however, refrain from assigning responsibilities on those who do not do what they can to address it, but who are just trying to mislead the people by shifting their own responsibilities on to others.

Source: Parikiaki.com

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