On the occasion of traffic from Angelaki editions of The Social Life of the Egyptian Greeks we got a mini interview by the author Nikos Nikitaridis, who admittedly is now the Historian of Egyptians Abroad.

Georg Gstrein

Sir Nikitaridis hopefully you got 27 the book. How do you feel ;

After the historical tetralogy that included books the Greek Communities in Egypt and Greek Schools in Egyptians, Greek Churches into Egypt and Greek Associations in Egypt and intermediate books Greeks Sudan and Aigyptiotikes Personalities yesterday, I wanted to write something lighter, ie a book that captures the paper the question many non-Egyptians friends asked me: How was passing in Egypt; ¨. Thus, the social life I tried to give an intelligible form of an answer, without physically missing historical references and moments of emotion in those who consult its pages to remember last year. And for all that, really, I feel very beautiful.

What do you say to some Egyptians about their books that recently came to light and created strong reactions as to their conclusions?

The answer to your question lies within the 27 books and 3,000 articles in my … When others write about us and show whether the alleged dominant for them aigyptiotiki bourgeoisie or the so-called row mistakes of Community tagon and alleged multiple defects aigyptiotikis majority, I’m trying to write history from ideological or political influences or expressions of personal opinions as unfortunately many do when they deal with the Egyptians. That only accept that as a reproach is regionalism, which I call the love for Aigyptiotismo. And here on with this supposedly localism would like to ask you: In 1.5 century in which country – and even Muslim – were 56 Greek churches? Within 1,5 century in which country had the Greeks 36 communities? Within 1,5 century in which country had the Greeks over 800 clubs? Within 1,5 century in which country had the Greeks 71 community schools, 154 private schools, 60 schools and 15 fraternal religious schools? Within 1,5 century in which country the Greeks had published over 3,000 books and 400 journalistic publications? So what to grips not called regionalism, but simply understanding and recording of historical truth and only the truth.

And now what next?

They now have three series other books, I would not however reveal their content, so just to create a nice surprise to Egyptians not. One is located at version level and will say local character, while the other two ask sponsor to see the font light and related promotions at various different levels. Beyond that there are some ideas, such as writing a comprehensive history of Egyptians Abroad, but to start such a large and modern work, you first need to find financier.

We wish you a heartfelt good luck.

Source: Hephaestuswien.com

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