Vote for a Europe for cancer patients, survivors and carers on May 23-26th

Every year, more than three million people are diagnosed with cancer. An estimated 3.9 million people were faced with a diagnosis of cancer and 1.9 million have died from cancer in the European Union in 2018. With over 100 million carers in Europe, many are providing informal care to their friends and relatives faced with cancer.

As millions of citizens across the European Union go to the polls this week, the European Cancer Patient Coalition urges all to recognise that our decisions will shape the future of Europe beyond the next five years and each of us have an important role and responsibility in ensuring that the next European Parliament addresses the challenges faced by those affected by cancer in every single EU Member State.

The European Cancer Patient Coalition is committed to representing cancer patients’ interests and proposing patient-centric solutions to cancer related challenges and calls on candidates of the European Parliament Elections 2019 to commit to Delivering a Europe for cancer patients, survivors and carers.

The right to health is a human right recognised in the international human rights treaties ratified by the EU Member States. For this right to be guaranteed, access to medicines, treatment and high-quality care must be ensured equally to all cancer patients in the EU.

The European Parliament and the Council of the European Union have the power and responsibility to adopt measures setting high standards for accessibility, quality and safety of medicinal products, treatments and cancer care.

The European Cancer Patient Coalition has been a critical stakeholder in defining cancer policy in Europe. Together with our members representing 448 cancer patient organisations, in partnership with Members of the European Parliament have undertaken many activities to date to help improve the lives of cancer patients, survivors and carers, where for instance the recent Work-Life Balance Directive for Parents and Carers ensures formal recognition of carers and guarantees baseline support for informal caregivers across the EU. The work will need to continue in the next European Parliament term with an even greater ambition and we count on the next term of MEPs to continue this collaboration.

We invite all candidate and future MEPs to join our mission to overcome inequalities in Europe, where all cancer patients have timely and affordable access to the best treatment and care available, throughout their life by actioning the following.

Click here to view the ECPC Manifesto for the European elections 2019.

About European Cancer Patient Coalition
The European Cancer Patient Coalition is the largest European cancer patients’ umbrella organization. The European Cancer Patient Coalition is the voice of cancer patients in Europe. With over 400 members, ECPC is Europe’s largest umbrella cancer patients’ association, covering all 28 EU member states and many other European and non-European countries. The European Cancer Patient Coalition represents patients affected by all types of cancers, from the rarest to the most common.

For more information contact:
Alex Filicevas
Head of EU Affairs
[email protected]



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