Cypriot tourist resort considers banning access to popular sea caves because of dangerous erosion

Ayia Napa popular tourist resort is considering measures to control access to one of the most popular sea spots in Cyprus, the Cavo Greco sea caves, for safety reasons, the town’s mayor said on Sunday.

Yiannis Karousos said guards will be temporarily placed along the popular cliff area to advice people against entering the sea caves until the Municipal Council decides at an upcoming meeting on permanent measures.

The caves is one of the most photographed spots in Cyprus and is visited by hundreds of locals and tourists. The place is accessed either by car or by tour boat.

However, the Geological Surveys Department has warned that the area entails risks to visitors, because of a high level of erosion, and advised that access be restricted or other safety measures being taken.

Its warning came on the eve of a two-day holiday marking “Kataklysmos” or the “Big Flood”, when tens of thousands of people flock to beaches to swim.

Karousos said that among options is to forbid access to the area completely, to control access by constructing a fence along the cliffs to keep people away from overhanging rocks, or to place security guards and lifeguards in the area.

He said that until a decision is taken, temporary stairs will be constructed to allow safe access for visitors who want to photograph the caves, instead of having to walk along rocks hanging over the sea.

The caves were formed by the action of the waves hitting the 10-meter high cliffs. Most of the caves are small and shallow, but some are quite big.

The spot is popular for jumping from the cliffs into the turquoise waters below and incidents of injury have been recorded, a factor which led officials to consider posting lifeguards along the semicircular bay of the caves area.


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