Graduation Ceremony for A. Fantis Parochial School in Brooklyn (Vid)

BROOKLYN – With joy and excitement on June 15, the students of the 8th grade class of the A. Fantis Parochial School attended their graduation ceremony at the Cathedral of Saints Constantine and Helen in Brooklyn.

In their speeches, the graduates- Sofia Alexandrou, Lucas Mota, Avery Birney, William (Vasilis) Giannakouros, Catie Maniscalco, Yaretzi Moreno, Amaya Ortiz-Puella, Lily Torre, Xavier Webb, Kodie Williams and Achilleas Zarpis- all spoke about their love for the school they will never forget. They also thanked the teachers for the excellent education they provided and expressed their gratitude to the parents for their love and support.

Principal Theodore Tasoulas thanked the teachers for their passion and dedication, the school board and committee and the parents for their help and support. He congratulated the students on the care they showed throughout the school year and wished them a good luck in their future academic career.

Presiding priest of the Cathedral, Fr. Evagoras Constantinides, urged the students to show zeal in their studies, to try to excel in their lessons, and follow the messages of Orthodoxy in order to be useful for the family and the homeland.

“The Cathedral will always have its doors open to all of you. It was, is, and will be forever your second family and your spiritual retreat,” he added.

The A. Fantis Parochial School graduates, Class of 2019. Photo: TNH/Michalis Kakias

Dr. Katherine Tsamasiros, School Committee Chair, was the keynote speaker of the ceremony. She gave the graduates useful tips for success in life and hoped for them to fulfill all their dreams and ambitions and to become worthy and successful citizens.

Prizes and scholarships to the students were presented by the President of the Parish Council, Haralambos Paloumbis, on behalf of AHEPA Division 41, the Philoptochos Society, Investors Bank, and in memory of brothers in the community, Giorgos and Petros Rogakos, Zoe Koutsoupakis, Signature Bank vice-president in memory of relatives, Kontessa Mastorakis in memory of Greek teacher Maria Haralambidou-Mavroyianni, and Dyanne Rosado on behalf of the parents’ association.

A reception followed the ceremony in the community hall.

Presiding priest of Saints Constantine and Helen Cathedral in Brooklyn Fr. Evagoras Constantinides encouraged the A. Fantis School graduates to follow their Orthodox faith. Photo: TNH/Michalis Kakias


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