Resumption of the Cyprus negotiations

Between substance and communication games the government choose communication tricks for internal consumption purposes

It has been nearly a week since the Foreign Minister’s revelation that the President of the Republic has sent a letter to the UN Secretary General calling for a resumption of the negotiations. For days, we have been asking the government for an official briefing on the content of the letter, but there hasn’t been any reaction whatsoever on its part.

The government ruling forces are taking advantage of the absence of a briefing to make targeted and selective leaks with the goal of creating a convenient communications climate. It is not the first time that between substance and communication games they choose communication tricks for internal consumption purposes.

The President of the Republic called for the resumption of negotiations, but the UN Secretary General did not respond. One wonders – why?

Is it because the Secretary General hasn’t been convinced of the President’s intentions?

Furthermore, how can the Secretary General be convinced when the President of the Republic in his interview with “Phileleftheros” newspaper is insisting on his notorious ideas of decentralized federation, a parliamentary system, and others that annul the relevant convergences recorded, while other than that he is demanding that we should continue (the negotiations) from where they had remained?

The issue of resuming the negotiations is very crucial and until now the President has not handled it correctly. Turkey is exploiting the protracted stalemate to create new serious fait accompli. It is for this reason that it is imperative for the President to address the UN Secretary General calling for a resumption of the dialogue without setting any terms and preconditions apart from the self-evident, that is to say an end to Turkey’s provocative actions in the Exclusive Economic Zone of the Republic of Cyprus. Otherwise, the President will not convince the UN Secretary General of his intentions.

Statement by AKEL C.C. Spokesperson Stefanos Stefanou on the President’s letter to the UN Secretary General


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