AHEPA’s New Supreme President George Horiates Honored at St. Thomas Cherry Hill

CHERRY HILL, NJ – On Sunday, July 14, the Parish of Saint Thomas in Cherry Hill honored the new Supreme President of AHEPA, George Horiates, who was born and raised in the community and has been serving the parish since his teenage years. He has served as Parish Council President and has been an active member of the council to the present day.

It should be noted that his election took place at the annual AHEPA Convention held in Chicago this year from July 1-6.

While St. Thomas Church is currently being completely renovated, all the services are being held in the Community Hall, where all Parish Council members congratulated Horiates on his great honor. The V. Rev. Archimandrite Christoforos Oikonomidis, presiding priest of the St. Thomas community, presented Horiates, noting that “we all know his love for St. Thomas and his dedication to Hellenism and our national affairs. He has been actively involved with AHEPA, wanting to work hard to contribute his best in the struggle of this Organization to preserve, promote, and protect our Greek heritage, history, and traditions, not only in America, but internationally. After hard work, with dedication and many sacrifices, he managed to reach the highest level of AHEPA, and from this position to work even harder and more committed to the cause. The election and promotion of Mr. Horiates to the position of Supreme President of AHEPA, is an honor and point of pride for all of us, the Parish of St. Thomas, his family and, of course, his beloved ancestors and especially his late father. We all express our congratulations and love to Mr. Horiates, as well as his family, his wife Liza and his children Stavroula and George, who support him in every way, especially his beloved mother Stavroula Horiates who taught him his love for Greece and Orthodoxy. Axios!”

Photo by Steve Lambrou

Thereafter, Parish Council President Anastasios Efstratiadis, took the floor, who conveyed the best wishes and congratulations of all the members of the Council to Horiates, the new Supreme President of AHEPA, who then warmly thanked everyone for their wishes and kind words, and promised that he would make every effort to honor the trust of all those who elected him to this high position for the sake of the Omogeneia.

Source: Thenationalherald.com

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